Technology does not drive change - it enables change.

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Our Abilities

What makes Evergreen unique is our ability to locate talented IT personnel who exhibit strength of character, passion, integrity and the ambition. We source professionals who not only possess superior technical qualifications, but who also exhibit honest dedication to their profession, their colleagues, and our clients. Our success comes from years of experience as an IT staffing firm making the right connections between people, solutions, and objectives. With our commitment of employing top technical professionals, our IT staffing services consistently yield exceptional results for our clients’ challenges.


Our Experience

At Evergreen we are proud to celebrate more than 15 years in the IT staffing industry. Our founders have the education and experience necessary to consistently deliver quality IT staffing solutions to competitive, market-focused businesses. Our leaders have worked in technology roles for Fortune 500 companies and have experience with the latest software, applications, hardware, and technology trends that are relevant to IT staffing needs.

Our IT Staffing Services

Whether you are looking to hire a single IT professional or are looking for a complete hands-free IT solution, Evergreen can help. We offer IT staffing and staff augmentation through contract, as well as complete IT project consulting and delivery options. To learn more about our services, please visit IT Staffing and IT Solutions.

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