Technology does not drive change - it enables change.

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At Evergreen, we recognize the fact that people work best when their skills, goals, and interests match the environment of their workplace.  We understand the technological needs and culture of our clients’ organizations and put forth the effort necessary to comprehend your objectives and match you with the best possible opportunities. Evergreen has successfully created thousands of positive relationships between IT staff and companies throughout the country.

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Evergreen recognizes the fact that there are many IT staffing companies for you to choose from. Most IT staffing companies present talented candidates with contract opportunities, health insurance, and other benefit options. At Evergreen, we do these things too; but what makes Evergreen exceptional is our diligence in matching you with a company that matches your values, goals, lifestyle and priorities. Our goal is to place you in the career you desire and keep you steadily employed in roles that will consistently advance your career.


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