Technology does not drive change - it enables change.

Evergreen Technologies

Evergreen Technologies, LLC. is an information technology and consulting services provider chartered to deliver  logical, innovative, and trusted results, empowering our clients to be more efficient and ultimately more successful.  Evergreen translates business strategic agendas into IT initiatives that provide measurable ROI. By combining a solid understanding of business processes and our deep industry knowledge and implementation rigor, our IT practical solutions address the most critical business challenges. We help our clients leverage technology to deliver excellence.


Evergreen Technologies can bring a fresh perspective to your business needs. While you know your business best, we can apprise you of alternative solutions. You are the best judge of your needs. Evergreen will work with you as your information management adviser. With your knowledge of your business and direction and our tools and experience, we can jointly solve the need. We understand there is no single solution for everyone’s needs. We will work with you to create a solution that will address your business needs by combining our knowledge and experience, we, as a team can deliver the solution. We can make it work together.


Evergreens’ professional services and solutions are designed with your companies IT needs in mind. We understand that your IT resourcing needs are often time-sensitive. Evergreen is committed to accelerating your company’s success by delivering those much needed resources quickly and efficiently.


Whether you require just one expert technician to augment your full-time staff, or an entire technical team to spearhead your company’s next initiative, Evergreen can deliver the best talent at the right time, to help you achieve your IT resourcing, solutions, and technological objectives within budget and on time.


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